These 6 UF Hauntings Will Send Chills Down Gators’ Spines

In and around the University of Florida campus is home to more paranormal, creepy activity than you might be aware of. Here are six ghostly haunting tales that every Gator should know about. Be careful out there, Gators!

6. The Child Ghosts of Norman Hall

There’s a rumor that Norman Hall (now the home to the College of Education) is haunted by the ghost of children who died in an elevator accident over eighty years ago. The rumor is that a you can still hear children running and laughing through the halls of the third floor late at night. And an old hospital bed is always found to be unmade each morning, as if some little soul has been sleeping in it each night. Creepy!

5. Thomas Hall and Steve the Ghost


Wikimedia Commons

If you spend a night in Thomas Hall and hear the mysterious banging and clanging of pots and pans, it’s because this Hall is haunted by the ghost of Steve, an old cafeteria cook who was beloved by students but passed away many years ago. Doubters claim that the rattling is just the radiators clanging, but many have said they have heard these eery sounds on nights when the radiators are not in use.

4. University of Florida College of Law is Buried Over a What?


Wikimedia Commons

The college of law was built on an ancient Native American burial ground. Anyone who has seen the movie Poltergeist knows that doing ANYTHING on top of an Indian burial ground ends up in bad news. And I’m sure that a few law students would like to blame their grades on something other than themselves 🙂

3. The Purple Porpoise’s Creepy Past

In the 1960s something terrible happened at this popular Gator hangout. A young girl was brutally attacked and killed in one of the bathrooms upstairs…and rumor has it that her spirit has been haunting that very location to this day. Since then, other young women claimed they, too, have been attacked by a spirit roaming the hals upstairs. The original owners sold the property, with some around town believing that they ran away because they couldn’t get rid of this ghost.

2. The Little Girl of Wayside Antiques

emporium antiques florida girl ghost

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Just a few minutes south of Gainesville there was a little curio shop called Wayside Antiques (now called the Antique Emporium). Many people have said they have heard a voice of a little girl coming from the back, calling their name, only to find no one else to be in the store. Psychics have been called in who claimed they can feel a cold presence in this place and it remains unsolved to this day.

1. The Famous Hauntings of The Sweetwater Branch Inn


Sweetwater Branch

The Sweetwater Branch Inn, located in Gainesville is a former plantation house that is full of ghosts and spirits. (It also happens to be a great place to have a wedding, but that’s another story.) According to people who’ve stayed there, there are too many creepy and unexplained sounds coming from the attic to be anything human. Guests of the Inn also have said that they feel heavy weight being pushed on their chest while they try to sleep (try getting to sleep after that!) and the maids have said they have seen cabinets fly open on their own and drawers opening AND closing without anyone touching them. Yikes!



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