9 Pizza Places Florida Gators Know All Too Well

Pizza and college go together like college and…beer. And University of Florida is lucky enough to be home to some of the best pizza joints in the states. And if you went to University of Florida, there’s a good chance that you spent quite a few nights after a stop or two on University Avenue scarfing down a slice (or maybe a hole pie) of these UF pizzas below. Everyone loves pizza. And here are the nine best pizza places every UF grad knows all too well.

9. Leonardo’s Pizza by the Slice



A rite of passage since the ’70s for any Gator who was in a rush, or was just in the mood for some of the best garlic rolls in the world. The pizza is solid, but Leonardo’s would be much higher if this was a list of the best garlic rolls in Gainesville.

8. Five Star Pizza



Is this the best pizza for the buck? Maybe. Is it the best pizza ever? Maybe not. But younger Gator Grads will have some late night experiences with Five Star. Possibly after a trip to some of the bars on University.

7. I Love NY Pizza



A bit far out to be a regular on your regular pizza rotation, but these specialty pizzas are worth the trip once you get tired of another slice of Leonardo’s.

6. Big Lou’s NY Style Pizzeria
University of Florida pizza
I’ve never met big Lou, but I like him a lot. Big Lou’s has some fin, different kinds of pizza (eggplant ricotta, anyone?) and a nice selection of beers. This is making me hungry.

5. Piesano’s Stone Fired Pizza

University of Florida pizza


Any place that sets up shop across from Leonardo’s should get some extra credit. And any pizza place that has a beer pairing with their pizza deserves a lot of hard-earned Gator dollars.

4. Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza

University of Florida pizza

Yelp Patrick N

A relatively new entrant (and the only chain) on this list. You make your own pizzas, and the kids are loving it. Older Gator grads will have to give it a shot when they make their next trip to Gainesville.

3. Gumby’s Pizza and Wings
University of Florida pizza
You don’t come here for the pizza, as much as you come here for the classic Pokey Stix. I think if they ever did a study of what was the leading cause of heart attacks among Gator grads, the Pokey Stix would top the list.

2. Italian Gator Pizza

University of Florida pizza

Foursquare Mark S

If you ever read the reviews of Italian Gator Pizza on Yelp or Tripadvisor, 80% of the comments mention being “blackout drunk”. But don’t hold that against Italian Gator Pizza. And don’t hold it against the commenters, either. That’s what college is for, right? And who can’t love any place that features a mustachioed gator on their sign?

1. Satchel’s Pizza

University of Florida pizza

Flick: VisitFlorida

The classic. Weird and cool and hip and funky, Satchel’s is an icon for all Gators. Where else can you eat pizza in a VW bus? But it’s not just about the eclectic art all over the place, the pizza happens to be really good, too!



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