10 Things Every University of Florida Grad Has Done Once

University of Florida Grads will recognize these very gator-centric people, places and foods. And I’m willing to bet almost every Gator has done all of these things at least once in their lives. There’s nothing better than going to school in Gainesville and these are just 10 of the reasons why. Chomp chomp!

10. Ordered the Guac at Burrito Brothers

As one awesome commenter put it, “When I come here I get three orders of Guac…just for myself.” Which is a brilliant idea.

9. Missed Mr. Two Bits

Mr Two Bits University of Florida


There’s never been a better amateur cheerleader than George Edmondson, Jr. And while he’s retired, his chant of “Two bits! Four bits! Six bits! A dollar! All for the Gators stand up and holler!” will live on forever.

8. Avoided an “ACR” Night


Flickr Commons

For those of you who couldn’t make it home for the holidays, it was always best to just weather those nights in your dorm.

7. Made Sure Century Tower Kept Its Bricks


Wikimedia Commons

Gator grads will know what this means ;).

6. Went Out of Your Way to Walk By The Baughman Center


Wikimedia Commons

Is there anywhere more beautiful on campus?

5. Invited FSU Grads to Swim in Lake Alice


Wikimedia Commons

“Hey Seminoles, feel free to come on up and take a dip in Lake Alice. There’s no Gators there at all!”

4. Tried (and Failed) to Find a Parking Spot
Seriously, what’s the point of having a car on campus? Once you find a good parking spot you keep it. And if you know a hidden secret place that’s great for parking you don’t tell ANYONE.

3. Waited All Year for the Gator Growl

Is there a better time to “be the tradition” than at the Homecoming and Gator Growl? I think not. (Except for maybe one of those nights the Gators win a national championship.)

2. Bummed a Ride to Lake Wauburg



“Hey, do you have room for one more?” is the call of a lot of car-less UF students (while they may not be as mobile, those students are also lucky enough to not have to deal with parking.)

1. Gator Stompin’

All you need is a shirt for a night you won’t forget. Or remember :).

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